Team Rosters 2012

SC Midlands sends a special thank you to all who have joined this year! Here are a few reminders:

Payments: These are now due. Please stop by Plex or call 803-360-7300 to make a payment. Be sure to obtain a receipt for your records.

USAV Registration: Register for USAV for the first time, or click here to Renew USAV if you have played before. Do not pay the USAV fee as the club will pay that, once you pay your tuition.

Listed below are our tentative teams for the 2011-2012 season. Please note that additional modifications may be made as we work to set our teams.

SC Midlands 18 Elite

Coach Chat Piromnam

Coach Hannah Lawing

Shiloh Burgeen

Kendall Mixon

Na'Chanelle Moore

Savanna Haynes

Sara Jefferson

Meredith Jones

Jenni Law

Gabriela Mercedes Martinez

Lexie Safford

Erin Troyer

**College coaches, click here for more player info

SC Midlands 18 Garnet

Coach John Verdugo

Jada Daniels

Grayson Goodwin

Ebony McBride

Emily Locklair

Logan Lyles

Ashtyn Schmidt

Darby Threatt

Kelsey Underwood

Juliana Wade

Chelsea Zeigler

SC Midlands 17 Performance

Coach Glen Dimapan

Tiera Daughtery

Mary Grace Huesstess

Tara Gianopolous

Courtney Law

Meredith McDowell

Shadae Perry

Taylor McQueen

Victoria Simpson

Amanda Stewart

Alison Waldman

Mary Cate West

SC Midlands 17 Garnet

Coach Ciji Kuhlmann

Lyric Chaplin

Victoria Houghton

Meredith McKenzie

Amber Parnell

Carmen Rollizo

Ashanti Ross

Rachel Waters

Miller Williams

**Possible openings, email, or call 803-586-1822.

SC Midlands 16 Garnet

Coach Steve Ware

Kiana Alexander

Melissa Broach

Emerald Kelley

Inez Nicholson

Moriah Payne

Keosha Rhuebottom

Kelsey Sunde

Audrey Turnmire

Alexis Ware

Rashida Williamson

SC Midlands 15 Elite G

Coach Amber Haver

Sarah Cashion

Alison DeChambeau

Aubrey Edgerton

Leah Gunter

V'Aira Harris

Kelsey Keesee

Madeline Mazoue

Kate Murrell

Coleman Ross

Kayla Varnadore

SC Midlands 15 Elite B

Coach Amanda Barfield

Mary Lindsay Best

Alison Bruning

Taylor Grant

Aja Long

Michaela Mills

Morgan Nichols

Sophie Perkins

Khana Smith

**Possible openings, email, or call 803-586-1822.

SC Midlands 15 Performance

Coach Heather Whiteside

Cady Barthe

Emma Birchmore

Sydney Bryson

Melina Harris

Jordan Jones

Savannah Jumper

Stephanie Keesee

Megan Sease

Tamia Williams

**Possible openings, email, or call 803-586-1822.

SC Midlands 14 Elite G

Coaches Bob/Candi Watson

Emma Buchanan

Claire Edwards

Kelly Graham

Megan Jefferson

Katrina Samuels

Chania Rispress

Jordan Ross

Maya Troy

Kendall Watson

SC Midlands 14 Elite B

Coach Sarah Galloway

Erika Harris

Iman Kelly

Brittany Mims

Ciairra Morrison

Madison Oxendine

Brittany Parker

Cayla Riley

Ashley Sheppard

Mackenzie Turner

**Possible openings, email, or call 803-586-1822.

SC Midlands 14 Garnet

Coach Katherine Dennis

Savannah Badman

Kiara Brown

Elizabeth Craig

Chloe Morrison

Stephanie Six

Jewel Stokes

Ashton Struthers

Jordan Withycombe

**Possible openings, email, or call 803-586-1822.

SC Midlands 13 Elite

Coach Cynthia Dimapan

Darby Anton

Lexi Anton

Kaytlen Caldwell

Margaret Lackey

Kayla McQueen

Emma Nash

Sloan Neal

Lindsey Ramsey

Natalie Voiles

Leslie Wohlfarth

SC Midlands 13 Performance

Coach Laurie Barman

Olivia Baughman

Cameron Condra

Symphany Davis

Victoria Jamison

Hayleigh Martin

Peyton McDonald

Lisa Powers

Maddie Risinger

Maya Wright

**Possible openings, email, or call 803-586-1822.

SC Midlands 13 Garnet

Coach Amanda Steele

Isabella Antonetti

Diamond Brantley

Stephanie Carr

Jaylen Davis

Taylor Ehret

Yasmeen Muhammad

Lauren Reis

Ciasia Rivera

Katherine Thordahl

**Possible openings, email, or call 803-586-1822.

SC Midlands 12 Garnet

Coach Erin Armstrong

Bella Armstrong

Caroline Best

Jalyn Brown

Jada Gardner

Alexia Jackson

Caroline Lumpkin

Megan Mazoue

Phoebe Perkins

Garnet Robinson

Gabrielle Waden

Anesia Williams

SC Midlands Kids Power Garnet

Coach Janna Taylor

Keelie Britt

Wyatt Britt

Allie Carter

Lauryn Coleman

Macy Collins

Jordan Cooke

Isabelle Counts

Molly Mazoue

Ashley Smith

Camryn Tucker

Logan Watson

SC Midlands Kids Power Black

Coach Natalie McQueen

Skyler Anton

Macey Coulter

Colleen Finney

Liza Hunter

Amber Jorgenson

Jessica Jorgenson

Annie Kim

Sydney Moody

Gracie Reed

Skylar Steelman

Laura Stuart

Hannah Wasserman

IMPORTANT NOTE: First payments for are now due. You need to make your

first payment in person at Plex, or call 803-360-7300 to pay over the phone.

Be sure to obtain a receipt for your records. All payments are needed as we get ready to send out tournament fees. Thank you!