What's Club Volleyball

What is Junior Olympic Volleyball, or Club Volleyball?

Junior Olympic Volleyball programs have exploded all across the country. Clubs offer beginner through elite teams geared towards cultivating student-athletes. The fact is that if you want to be competitive in school, or if you want to play in college, club is a MUST! This is where you will gain the most extensive training. Most school seasons are only 3 months long while club can last from 5-8 months long. Club volleyball normally runs from November to the end of March/April for most of our teams. For our National Teams, the teams start with tryouts in November and train and compete through Nationals and/or AAU Nationals in June and July.

What is South Carolina Midlands Volleyball?

South Carolina Midlands Volleyball is a USA Junior Olympic Volleyball Program that prides itself on excellence. Also members of AAU and JVA, SC Midlands was developed with a vision of providing a high level of volleyball training. Our staff has included coaches with NCAA Division I head coaching and assistant coaching experience in the top volleyball conferences in the country, retired professional players, former college athletes who had set a variety of records and received All-Conference and All-American honors, and other passionate CAP and IMPACT certified coaches who are proven winners at the high school and club level.

What goals might player have?

Most players who play club volleyball have several goals in mind. Some play to:

  • Try the sport out for the first time. We have players as young as 7.

  • Develop advanced skills in specific areas.

  • Increase playing time or their impact on their school teams.

  • Challenge school starters the following year.

  • Reach their highest potential and to gain exposure and chances of earning college scholarships.

What drives the coaching staff at SC Midlands?

Our coaching staff firmly believes that participation in club volleyball provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences. Aside from imparting ideals and habits related to competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship, we also seek to equip players with the skills that will allow them the greatest chances of success in the sport. As we strive to win championships, we do so without ever losing sight of our mission of providing the best possible volleyball experience we can to each player in our club.

What are the benefits of participating in SC Midlands Volleyball?

The short term benefits of participation include maximizing success at the middle and high school level. The long-term benefits include establishing routines and norms related to long-term health-related fitness as well as physically active lifestyles. In addition, serious players have the potential to earn college scholarships. In short, volleyball has impacted our lives in so many ways, that we want to share those experiences with others while mentoring the next generation of volleyball greats!

How does club volleyball at SC Midlands Volleyball transfer to success?

Today, you will find that literally all athletes who play in college participated in club, and you will also find that the best middle and high school teams are those that have the most club participation. The truth is that successful school coaches encourage and almost require their athletes to play club volleyball for the experience, instruction, and additional training time. Top school teams normally have almost all their players participate in club volleyball. That is a fact!