New Parent FAQ's

What can I expect from joining SC Midlands Volleyball? 

The more a player touches a ball, the more they improve. Players who join SC Midlands Volleyball will receive the extensive hours and training in the various skills. For newer athletes, participation in our program significantly increases their chances of making a middle and high school team. For the experienced player, participation in our program becomes a necessary component for continued growth and success. 

Where do teams practice?

For the 2023-204 season, we are proud to say that all of our teams will practice at Cardinal Newman School. Equipped to train championship teams, Cardinal Newman School offers state-of-the-art equipment including: an Attack II Serving/Hitting Machine (the best of its kind), hitting boxes, setter targets, weighted balls, a Tandem Vertical Challenge Tester, and more.  Athletes will also have access to a top-notch revolutionary weight room as well as trainers in the club. Cardinal Newman features three full-size volleyball courts as well as a State of the Art Retractable Net system, the first of its kind in South Carolina. We will also practice at several other locations including: Brookland Baptist, Meadow Lake Park, Hyatt Park, and Columbia College.

How many players are normally on a team? 

Teams normally consist of approximately 10-12 players. We do our absolute best to keep this number at 10-12 players, thus maximizing chances for playing time and more exposure. 

Is it possible to have more than one National Elite or Performance Elite team per age group?

Absolutely, this just depends on the talent that comes out from year to year. 

Are teams, or team lineups, kept the same from year to year?

No, teams from previous years are not necessarily kept together. Each year talent is re-evaluated. Things change over the course of time. Some players who might have been on the sidelines the previous year, might make strides to earn starting positions the following year, and some who started previously, might not necessarily play all the way around the following year.

Can players be moved or added to a team after initial teams are assigned?

 Yes. We prefer not to move players, but reserve the right if the need occurs based on team needs such as player talent, loss of players, players joining later in the season, and other factors. We reserve the right to merge teams if the need arises. 

How do we stay informed regarding club news? 

Each club player and parent is expected to view the club web site and check his or her e-mail on a daily basis. If an athlete or parent does not have an e-mail address, it is the responsibility of that athlete, or parent, to pair up with another member of the club (and/or team) and so that he or she stays informed of all club news.

When does club volleyball take place? 

Club volleyball tryouts normally begin in July. We offer make-up tryouts from August to October depending on remaining positions. This year, our teams 14U and younger, those in middle and elementary school, will begin training in September. Teams 15U and up will begin practices in November.  A majority of teams play and train through mid-April. National Elite Teams train and compete through Nationals and/or AAU Nationals in June or July. 

How often do teams practice? 

National Elite and National teams practice and/or workout about 2-3 times a week.  Performance teams practice or workout about 2 times per week. Kids Power will practice or workout 1-2 times a week.

Can you play other school sports during club season? 

Yes, but we ask that you communicate those commitments (and any other social commitments) during the tryout process. We encourage athletes (especially the younger ones) to play multiple sports, and we try to create an atmosphere within the club to support that. However, in fairness to all club members, missed practices could affect playing time in tournaments. We also encourage athletes to make up any missed practices by coming to another team's practice on a different day.

What is the best option for my child, Kids Power or a Performance Team? 

Age, ability/skill level, and the level of exposure that you are looking for are all factors to consider when choosing the right program. Kids Power provides exposure and is a very basic introductory level. 12U Performance teams may be slightly more advanced, but since they are young too, there may not be too big of a gap. 

Which team level is my best option?

Performance teams are formed for various ages and skill levels 12-18U. This option is popular for players who are looking to get more training and competition beyond their school season. National and National Elite teams are for those whose goal it is to play at the collegiate level, or for those who are willing to commit to helping others achieve this goal. Most National Elite players have had years of experience.  They are generally the stronger leaders of their school teams. They are committed to a full club season from November-July.

Is club expensive? How much does club cost?

Club volleyball is expensive, especially for the National Elite and Performance Elite levels. Our club fees include training, gym time, tournament fees, coaching costs, and AAU memberships for coaches and players where applicable. Fees that are not included are tryout fees, USAV membership, uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses.

Is club volleyball worth it? 

If you want an honest answer, ask other parents and players. Many of them will tell you that the increased skills, the enhanced abilities, the greater levels of confidence, as well as the newly acquired lifelong friendships are PRICELESS. In addition, imagine going back to your middle or high schools KNOWING that you have received great training, and KNOWING that you are more equipped to become an impact player. Imagine the effect this will have on your entire school season. In addition, for Elite and Performance players, exposure to college recruiters could lead to future college scholarships. With college expenses at about $50,000 per year at many colleges and universities, club volleyball could definitely be worth it.