Junior Official Requirements

By the December 20th, all SC Midlands players and coaches are to take the required clinics and tests. Parents with USAV membership are also encouraged to take these clinics. Click here for parent membership info. This is appreciated at all levels, but is especially needed to help our younger teams.

Here are the guidelines for Junior Officials:

  • All players must take the Junior Line Judge & Assistant Scorer (Libero Tracker) Certification.
  • Each player will also take either the Junior R1, Junior R2, or Junior Scorekeeping Clinic.
  • Please verify with your coach which of the three clinics to focus on.
  • All Coaches must be certified in Junior R1 and Junior Scoring.
  • All teams must have a USAV registered and rostered adult at the table at all times. Parents, we need some of you to register for parent membership and then volunteer to help your teams. We need at least one parent per team to do this.

Palmetto Region requirements for each team include:

  • At least 2 R1s (must be an adult in 14U and younger divisions)
  • At least 2 R2s
  • At least 2 Scorers

Once you take the clinics, all R1, R2, and Scorekeepers must receive a passing rating from a Master Official at a Palmetto Region event.

  • For all teams, this means you will need to seek certification at one of the very first region tournaments in January (February for National teams) . Look for a Master Official to rate you.
  • You must have a 'printed copy' of your certificate with you to get rated. Print two copies. Give one to your coach, and keep one in your volleyball bag to give to the official who will rate you.
  • Failure to receive a passing rating at one of these first events will keep you from gaining and/or finishing your certification requirements.
  • Members can normally check their certification by logging into their USAV accounts. Click on "My Information" and then on "Membership Info." This is where certifications are listed.

Click here to take the clinics.

  • Please, please read all info carefully, and follow exact instructions.
  • Online Clinics MUST be taken EVERY year.
  • On Court Certification lasts for TWO years.
  • Coaches, Players, & Parents: Be sure to select "Palmetto Junior" Clinics and Tests.
  • Do NOT select "Palmetto Professional" Clinics and Tests.