NEXT STEPS ARE TO BE CompleteD IMMEDIATELY AFTER tryouts OR UPON RECEIVING OUR WELCOME EMAIL. WELCOME EMAILS WENT OUT ON 11/17. BE SURE TO check your PROMOTIONS tab if you are a Gmail user, OR TEXT 803-586-1822 IF WE MISSED YOU. Please spread the word ABOUT INFO BELOW. Thank you.

Step 1: Make Your First Payment

First payments are due when you commit. These first payments are CRITICAL for us to get into tournaments. Thus, please take care of this as soon as you commit. First payments for everyone are due when you commit. We offer discounts to pay in full. To see all payment breakdowns, click here. We MUST have financial commitments from every player. If you will have an issue making the ENTIRE first payment, email Cynthia will work with you so that your child can play club. If needed, we can modify first payment amounts if it will allow your child to play, but uniforms will need to be ordered and paid as early as November 28th. Please have funds readily available. Click here to make a tuition payment

Step 2: Accept Invitation, ACCEPT USAV CLUB ASSIGNMENT

Easiest Way to Join Club - Public Link to Join SC Midlands Click here


Step 2B. you WOuld THen Accept the CLUB ASSIGNMENT.

Step 3: Pay and Upgrade USAV Fee

Once you accept a club assignment, you will UPGRADE your membership from Tryout membership to a Full Membership. Upgrade cost is $35. Return to your sports engine account, choose member and choose upgrade membership. Please do this ASAP. We are paying for tournaments, but our rosters MUST be completed or we will not be accepted! Click here for a video tutorial

Step 4: Attend Uniform Sizing

We will have new uniforms and warm-ups this year. These are our sizing dates:

11/22 Monday Plex/Flight Sandhills (5:30 - 7 :15 PM)

11/23 Tuesday Plex/Flight Sandhills (5:30 - 7 :15 PM)

Once you come in for sizing, all uniforms will be ordered through our online store. We will post the store link on our website and send an email when the store goes live. You will then have a short window of time to order. We will have STRICT deadlines for all orders.


Step 5: Order Uniforms and Gear Online

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: All orders MUST be ordered online and paid by 11/28/2021.

For a delivery before January 1st, you must order by the deadline. Due to sublimation and factories closing for the holidays, orders placed AFTER 11/28 will likely result in a delivery delayed until January 25th or later. ORDER EARLY

Please plan now to pay your uniform orders in FULL. Cynthia can adjust first tuition payments if needed.

Step 6: Check Website on 11/25 for the December Practice Schedule

  • Once all our teams are made (Elem, MS & HS), we begin building our practice schedules.

  • Our plan is to release the practice schedule on or before November 25th.

  • Practices will begin on December 1st.

  • Please be patient as we secure commitments, handle uniforms, as well as register for tournaments.

  • We will post the practice schedule done as soon as we can. Thank you.

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