Club Philosophy

The SC Midlands Philosophy

SC Midlands fosters both excellence, as well as sportsmanship. We believe that the two concepts go hand in hand. Each year we have teams that place well in top divisions. We are proud of all these accomplishments, but we are also proud of helping our younger teams that are eager to learn and play!

All Teams are Important

We believe that each and every one of our teams are important. You will often see directors and coaches helping all different levels of the club. Whether you are on a National Elite, National, Performance, Regional State, or Kids Power Team, we are family.

Educational Leadership

We teach our players to handle their accomplishments with grace, and style. We work hard to promote honor and reputable success. Our directors and coaches positively impact our players and the communities in which they live.

The Coaching Staff

SC Midlands has a rich history of coaches. The founding directors of SC Midlands have included former NCAA Division I Head and Assistant coaches from some of the most competitive college volleyball conferences in the nation. Some have been record setting Division I players themselves, as well as played professionally, and through their coaching have helped develop numerous All-Conference, All-American, National Team and professional players.

Training Curriculum

We have a comprehensive training curriculum throughout the club, from its youngest members to our most elite. This curriculum focuses on skill development through the progression of fundamental footwork, movement skills, and kinesthetic awareness. Our goal is to produce players who are technically sound, educated in the tactics of the game, mentally sharp, and competitively strong.