Club Philosophy

The SC Midlands Philosophy

One of the things that you will notice about our program is that we foster both excellence, as well as sportsmanship. Rather than focusing on one or the other, we believe that the two concepts go hand in hand. Each year we have teams that place well in top divisions, and we are extremely proud of all of our accomplishments. We also believe, however, that pride in accomplishments must be harnessed and grounded with respect. SC Midlands believes that the ways in which we present ourselves as a club, and as coaches, should serve as models and educational tools for how young and impressionable athletes should handle success. For us, this means showing our players the proper balance between pride and boastfulness, and celebration and sportsmanship. We believe in being proud, but we also believe in imparting to our players the value of respecting both our club/team members as well as our opponents.

Players learn life lessons through the organizations in which they participate in, and this, this in itself, is the greatest value that we bring to new and returning members within our club.SC Midlands Volleyball will educate its parents that SC Midlands believes in fair game, and will continue a path of excellence in both ethics and sports. We will train our players from our youngest to our best. Many of them already are and will continue to be tops. We will continue on our quest to have winning and successful teams this season and for many seasons to come! We invite you to be a vested participant in this venture as we strive for success!

All Teams are Important

At SC Midlands, we believe that each and every one of our teams are important. You will often see this very philosophy in action when you see directors, and coaches helping each other at all different levels of the club. Whether you are on a National Elite, Travel Performance, Regional State, or Kids Power Team, you will see that coaches from the different teams often take time to assist each other.

The reason this happens is because SC Midlands believes in the community and the progressive nature of our club. We practice in a facility that fosters the interaction of multiple teams on multiple nights. With practicing at Plex, it has become a win-win for older and more experienced players to become the new inspiration for the younger, or less experienced players within our club.

Educational Leadership

South Carolina Midlands Volleyball has an administrative leadership that believes in the educating players with the values that are important to both parents and players. At SC Midlands, we teach our players to handle their accomplishments with grace, and style. We know that our athletes are a reflection of our club, and our parents want their daughters to play for organizations that promote honor and reputable success. SC Midlands has ranked highly many times. At the same time, SC Midlands knows that these ranking do not define who we are. Rather we are defined by the impact that we make on our players, and the communities in which they live.

The Coaching Staff

SC Midlands has a rich history of coaches. The founding directors of SC Midlands have included former NCAA Division I Head and Assistant coaches from some of the most competitive college volleyball conferences in the nation. Some have been record setting Division I players themselves, as well as played professionally, and through their coaching have helped develop numerous All-Conference, All-American, National Team and professional players. Although coaches may differ slightly from year to year, a Director of Coaching with extensive coaching experience oversees the training in at each level of the club. The Director of Coaching will mentor all coaches by providing guidance in the implementation of the club training curriculum.

Training Curriculum

We have a comprehensive training curriculum throughout the club, from its youngest members to our most elite. This curriculum focuses on skill development through the progression of fundamental footwork, movement skills, and kinesthetic awareness with an emphasis on proper mechanics and technical precision. Our goal is to produce players who are technically sound, educated in the tactics of the game, mentally sharp, and competitively strong. Team Development Philosophy Skill execution is only one part of being a successful contributor to a team. Great communication and interaction with teammates is equally important to being a good team. Without it, you are six individuals on a court. With it, you can achieve beyond your potential. We encourage full engagement in every drill, so that connecting with teammates during and after points of play becomes habit for each player. As we strive to develop the total individual athlete, we do so knowing that when each player learns to play the game at a higher level AND learns to be an outstanding teammate, we will produce winning teams. Recruiting