Practice Schedule 11-12

Here is the SC Midlands practice schedule
for last club season!
(2012-2013 practice schedule to be posted soon)

Please note that we will need to make occasional adjustments to this schedule. Additionally, practice times for Elite Teams may be adjusted slightly after the Big South.  Please read the schedule carefully.  For 14 Elite and 15 Elite, please verify if your team is Elite G or Elite B (Garnet or Black) by clicking on the 'club teams' tab.

Special Events Adjustments Update!

The Special Needs Event originally scheduled for 2/15 has been cancelled.  Thus, we will run regular practices on that day!

Sunday Practices

Sunday practice times may flip flop for some at a later date - meaning that if you have 5-7, at some point your team might switch with another team and go from 7-9. If you have Sunday practices, please keep your schedules flexible.  If we modify the schedule, we will let you know in advance.

OPT Training Schedule Update! 

Click here for Description and Schedule