Girls Teams

National Teams

These teams are the most competitive. At SC Midlands, National Teams some times compete at the Palmetto Regional State Championship, as well as have chances to win USA Volleyball National Bids at the State Championships. We will form National Elite teams beginning with 13U and continuing through the 18U division. Players will receive high-level skill training and participate in tournaments both in-state and out-of-state. To be considered for a National Elite Team, players normally have at least two to three years of club experience at the younger ages and six to ten years of experience at the older ages.

National Elite players have goals to play at the collegiate level, or are willing to commit to help others achieve this goal. Teams are formed based on similar skill and similar talent level, and not necessarily by age (younger players could be placed on older age division teams). Our goal is for all National Elite team players to play at high levels . Thus, National Elite players will be placed on teams that give them the greatest opportunity to improve through training and playing time. Teams will practice/play two-three times per week and play in regional as well as out-of-state tournaments. National Elite Team members require a very HIGH level of commitment.

Season: December-June/July

Elite Performance Teams

We will form Performance Teams beginning with 13U and going through 18U. Performance teams are the second highest level of teams at SC Midlands. The Performance teams will attend some great tournaments, but the season will end in April. Players will receive skill-specific training and participate in tournaments both in-state and out-of-state! Teams will practice two times per week.

Season: December-April

Regional State Teams

Regional State Teams range from 10U and 12U all the way through 18U. These teams are formed with players whose goals include improving and raising their level of play. Regional State Team members often play club so that they can become more influential members of their school teams.

This option provides both great training and competitive match play. Teams will practice twice a week and participate in tournaments held within the Palmetto Region (this means that the tournaments are in and around South Carolina). Region teams will also participate in the Palmetto Regional Championships.

Season: December-End of March

Kids Power Teams

This option is for new and beginning players, ages ranging from 7-11. Teams practice once a week and often participate in team scrimmages. The season normally includes three half-day Kids Power tournaments as well as a culminating full-day tournament in March.

Season: December/January-March