About SC Midlands

South Carolina Midlands Club Volleyball is one of the best volleyball clubs in Columbia, South Carolina. Having a phenomenal showing at the 2014 USA Volleyball Palmetto State Regional Championships (25-30 plus clubs from all over the state competed), SC Midlands placed in the top four in almost EVERY age division. South Carolina Midlands was one of only three South Carolina clubs to attend the 2014 USA Volleyball National Championship! Earning three of seven National Bids in the entire state, entries into the USA Championships, except for the Patriot division are exclusively National Qualifier Champions, National Qualifier Runner-Ups, and Regional Champions!

Aside from solid performances in and around the state, SC Midlands also has a strong reputation for helping athletes fulfill their dreams. Since its inception, SC Midlands has assisted tons of athletes in attaining top middle and high school positions/honors, out of state exposure, and/or college volleyball scholarships. The club has a strong culture of coaches, players, and parents who come together to bring the USA Club Volleyball experience to its members.

Our History

SC Midlands Volleyball Club formed when the directors of South Carolina Juniors (established in 2002), and Midlands Volleyball (established in 2009) united their clubs. The leadership consisted of longtime directors of South Carolina Juniors, Cynthia and Glen Dimapan, as well as former USC Head Volleyball Coach Ben Somera, and former USC and Oregon State University Head Coach Nancy Somera. The team joined forces to provide a club experience that would surround players with the values that have brought them success as players and coaches.

Our Success

Since our humble beginnings, 70 plus college recruited athletes have trained in our programs, thousands of other players have improved their skills/confidence, their school teams, and the level of play both in Columbia, and surrounding areas. It is hard to believe that both programs began in small church/school gyms with just two teams in each club. Our movement into one main facility as well as the exponential growth of our club (normally outfitting about 25 teams a year) can be attributed to the increasing value and demand for a quality club volleyball program in the area. SC Midlands is one of the main reasons that volleyball in the area has exploded. As we train our athletes, they in turn raise the level of play in both the middle school, and high school arenas. We are proud to say that many of our players go on to become impact players at the middle/high school levels, play in college, and/or coach at every level from elementary kids to Division I.

Our Training Philosophy and Commitment

SC Midlands is committed to building training continuity from its youngest players to its elite athletes seeking to play top levels in high school and/or collegiate ball. Training includes fundamentals in movement and skill execution, as well as an emphasis on teamwork and communication.

Our Top Training Centers

SC Midlands Volleyball is housed at Plex Indoor Sports, a first class facility in Northeast Columbia. Since opening its doors in 2004, Plex Indoor Sports has become home to our program serving both as a mecca for volleyball training, as well as a prime location for various tournaments. Plex is the main training site for SC Midlands Teams. In addition to Plex, SC Midlands at new campus of Cardinal Newman School. The facility features a State of the Art Retractable Net system, the first of its kind in South Carolina.