College Recruiting

SC Midlands has compiled this recruiting timeline to help our athletes and their parents in understanding the recruiting process. Additionally, the American Volleyball Coaches Association has put together some short videos regarding different recruiting topics. We hope that you take time to explore the timeline, tips, handouts as well as the videos! There is a lot of information below, and we will continue to add more resources in the near future!

Freshmen/Sophomore Year:

  • Make it a point to research 2-3 schools a week.
  • Create a list of prospective schools. Consider both athletics and academics.
  • Sign on to University Athlete and keep your info updated. click here
  • Sign on to NCAA Eligibility Center. click here
  • Film your skills highlight tape. Send it to coaches, post it on University Athlete, and the club website.
  • Attend summer camps for your schools of interest.
  • Invite coaches to your practices.
  • Fill out college recruiting questionnaires.
  • Make unofficial visits while traveling during club season or while on vacation.
  • Contact the coach via e-mail or phone letting them know your interest.
  • Send your school and club schedule inviting them to watch you play.
  • Continue to build relationships by making calls, sending letters, emails.
  • Narrow your list of schools.
  • Get an evaluation of your skills tape.
  • Continue to research prospective schools.

Junior Year

  • Send your skills highlight video to more coaches and/or update your video.
  • Keep coaches informed of your school & club schedule, particularly for big tournaments.
  • Call coaches you are interested in to find out what positions they are recruiting in your graduating class.
  • Continue updating your profile and checking your e-mail often.
  • Follow-up with the coaches you have contacted. Do this in a TIMELY manner.
  • Attend summer camps for programs in which you have the most interest.
  • Continue to call, email, send letters to coaches.
  • Ask coaches where you stand on their recruits list.
  • Fill out questionnaires.
  • Respond to EVERY coach.
  • Invite coaches to your practices.
  • Make unofficial visits during their college tournaments in the Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • Narrow down your prospective schools list.
  • Make sure your core classes are ALL complete and you have the best possible ACT and SAT scores.
  • Recognize when a school is NOT interested in you and MOVE ON.
  • This may or may not be the time you get a "verbal" commitment.

Senior Year:

  • If you need to re-take the ACT and/or SAT for a better score, then do it!
  • Be VERY proactive!
  • Apply to the schools and make official visits to your top choices. You have a total of 5 official visits.
  • Continue to update your profile and send coaches your school and club schedule.
  • Call coaches to see if their rosters are full or what positions are they still looking to fill.
  • Follow-up with coaches and respond in a TIMELY manner.
  • Signing period for Seniors can be mid-Fall to late Spring.
  • Apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) starting Jan. 1st
  • Sign and commit to a school and program (Signing period in April, last date is August 1st).
  • Find out the summer workout schedule, and prepare.

Pointers for the recruiting process:

  • Identify your ultimate goals as a student-athlete.
  • Know what you want academically, athletically, and financially.
  • Initiate contact and communicate through e-mail, phone calls, and visits.
  • Keep yourself organized with corresponding information from coaches.
  • Commit to your goals if you desire to play collegiate volleyball.

Recruiting Rules and Tips to Remember:

  • Coaches are watching your development throughout high school at camps, in school and on the court.
  • Be proactive. It’s never too early for YOU to write a letter or make a call to coaches.
  • DI and DII coaches can’t personally contact you until Junior year, but YOU can contact them.
  • DIII and NAIA coaches can contact you at anytime.
  • It is important to be familiar with schools both athletically and academically.
  • September 1st of Junior year marks the first day DI and DII coaches can send you personalized letters and emails.
  • DI and top DII programs will make offers to top recruits during Junior year.
  • DIII, NAIA and Junior Colleges do most of their recruiting during Senior year.

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