Officiating 2012-2013

Parents, please have your child, take either the R1, R2, or Scorekeeping Clinic. Please verify with your coach which clinic to focus on. All players should complete the Junior Line Judge & Assistant Scorer (Libero Tracker) Certification. Coaches must be certified in R1 and Scoring. All teams will need parents who are certified in scorekeeping.

Palmetto Region requirements for each team include:

  • Two certified scorekeepers (with 2 additional parent score keepers for 12 and Unders)
  • 13-18s will need two certified junior referees for R2
  • 15-18s will need one certified junior referee for R1.
  • All teams must have one certified coach or adult as a scorekeeper, R1 and R2 referee.
  • All coaches must be Impact certified.
  • There must be a registered and rostered adult (preferably a parent) at the score table at all times.

SC Midlands Currently Certified Members (click here)


  • At least one of the work team members at the score table MUST be a USAV registered & rostered adult.
  • This person may or may not be a coach, but must be a registered USAV member, must be on the team roster, and must have completed the required training for the work team responsibility they are performing.
  • The adult at the score table MUST be performing one of the work duties.
  • The region strongly encourages parents to fulfill this requirement!
  • Click here for Parent Membership Info

To become certified or re-certified as a Junior Referee or Junior Scorer you must do the following:

  • Be a current member in good standing within Palmetto Region - USA Volleyball.
  • Attend the approved Online Official Clinic by January 7th.
  • Individual Online Clinics and Group Onsite Clinics will be accomplished using USAV’s Official Training & Education System.
  • All members MUST Register with USAV Officials Training & Education to receive credit for Clinics and Exams.

Click here for detailed instructions:

Officiating Requirements

View the powerpoint on this link

You may also need to print out needed forms

  • Complete the assigned exam until a score of 100% is achieved by January 7th.
  • Demonstrate the ability to officiate (R1, R2, Score). Must be rated for an entire match Each Junior R1, R2 and Scorer MUST pass 1 rating completed by a PVA Professional Official (Regional, Jr. National or National). If a failing score is given; you MUST re-take clinic and complete another rating during a different match.
  • The same member of the rating team can give the subsequent rating. You can obtain a rating in any Palmetto Sanctioned Event where Professional Officials will be present.
  • Ratings are good for 2 seasons, but to re-certify, you MUST complete a clinic and quiz each year.

Steps for Obtaining Required Certifications

Step #1. Download the Power point presentation:

Step #2. Go over slides 1-13 so you will know how to do Steps 3-5 below.

Step #3 Log into your USAV account and find out your USAV #. You will need it to create an officiating account. Copy your number from your USAV account.

Step #4. Log into and create your account. Input your USAV # or you will not get credit for taking the tests later.

Step #5. Go back to the power point presentation and review the correct slides to help you take each test that you need. It is best to be certified in all things but everyone should be certified at line judging and EITHER score keeping, libero tracking, or Down Reffing. Players at U15 and above can also be certified as a UP ref (R1). In U14 and below a coach or any rostered adult can up ref.

We encourage parents to take these tests too so that you know the rules and can help out where needed- especially in U14 and below.

Step #6. Sign up for the tests that you want/need to take and watch the tutorials and then take the tests online. You must pass the test with a score of 100%. You must keep retaking the section that you don't get correct until you do.

  • This needs to be done by Jan 1st so use your Christmas break and get it done. You need a computer that has Power Point and also a high speed connection to work.
  • If you need help or have problems accessing the tutorials you can contact Amber Cornett
  • If you need help with anything else you can email your coach or me. We have to take all of these tests also.
  • Parents, it is great for you to take these tests especially if you are in the U12 range because you usually help out with the reffing and score keeping at this age.