Why SC Midlands for 2015

Proud Home to State Champions, National Bid Winners, Asics Northeast National Qualifier Champions,

Teams Representing South Carolina at Various JO National Championships,

4 USA High Performance Athletes in 2014, and Numerous Collegiate DI, DII, DIII, & NAIA Athletes!

Will You Win the USA National Championship Bid in 2015?

The Road to New Orleans Starts Now!

South Carolina Midlands Volleyball Club gives YOU a shot at

the 2015 Regional USA Volleyball Championships and a National Bid.

Read about why you should join us in 2015:

1: You Get Exposed to Some of the BEST Coaches in the State!

SC Midlands offers some of the best coaches in the state. This is evidenced by the overall success of our club just this past year, and in previous years as well! Yes, in 2014, SC Midlands earned three National Bids to the USA National Championships! Our teams also ranked towards the top in almost every age division! Additionally, many of our coaches have had multiple district championships, region championships, state championship, and national bids. We offer some of the best training for Elite level athletes in South Carolina! Several of our 2014 teams have also played up in age divisions winning tournaments in the state! Even newer coaches also often catch on quickly to the proven training championship methods of our club! Additionally, our top coaches often help players of all levels.

2: One of the Top Club Volleyball Facilities in All of South Carolina!

No practice site changes, and no last minute cancellations or surprises on a regular basis! Size, convenience, and quality! Yes, it is ALL here at Plex! SC Midlands has a ONE site facility for ALL our teams. Being at one site makes carpooling, and extra training easier for families and friends coming from different parts of the Midlands, and different parts of the state. Whether you live in Lexington, Aiken, West Columbia, Camden, Rockhill, or beyond, carpooling with a few friends makes us a very viable option. Click here to see where several of our best players have chosen to drive from. With six full size volleyball courts, Plex is a MECCA for volleyball allowing multiple scrimmage opportunities and competitive games at every practice!

3: We play in USA Volleyball Sanctioned Tournaments and Regional State Championships!

SC Midlands teams will play in the USA Palmetto Region and the 2015 State Championships in Charlotte. Because SC Midlands chooses to participate in USA Volleyball sanctioned Palmetto Region Tournaments, our teams are invited to the sanctioned USA Regional Championships. This means our teams have a chance to win National bids! Furthermore, the Regional Championships in Charlotte has been a FAVORITE tournament for many year after year! Yes we will attend again!

4: We seek entry into the USA National Championships! It's the Road to New Orleans!

We seek VERY high level competition for our teams. This is why we attend USA National Qualifiers, and Multiple Showcase Tourneys. One of the goals of our National Elite teams is to win bids to attend the USA National Championships, primarily a qualifying only event! We have also won a USA National Qualifier and have had undefeated or 7 and 1 records! Teams fly all over the country trying to qualify for Nationals because of the prestige of the USA National Championships! This is one of the hardest tournaments to get into in all of the United States!

5: We have Chosen to Stand by USA Volleyball!

We believe that for the United States to be strong in the sport, we must operate as one. To this end, SC Midlands is affiliated FIRST and FOREMOST with USA Volleyball! Call it patriotism, but YES, we have taken a stand to support Team USA! SC Midlands believes that all volleyball clubs in South Carolina and in Columbia should promote and support United States Volleyball. Volleyball is about bringing our state and all different parts of the United States together to create World Champions!

6: We understand the need to save our parents some MONEY!

Although we have a VERY competitive volleyball schedule from beginning to end, we also understand that paying for hotels for every single tournament is out of the question! This is EXACTLY why playing some one day tournaments in South Carolina is AWESOME! Teams play up to six matches in one day without having to spend money on two nights of hotel. We travel to some BIG name tourneys which we love, but we also play region tournaments right here in Columbia! This allows team lots of playing at a high level while saving their parents from breaking the bank! Don't get us wrong! We will travel, but YOU save money when you play in South Carolina! By the way, USA region tourneys in South Carolina do not charge gate fees for you and your friends and family to watch!

7: You get access to awesome equipment!

All teams at SC Midland have access to various training tools including jump boxes, net extender, agility dots, large tarps, etc. All training materials are stored in one accessible location at Plex Sandhills. Additionally, SC Midlands players will train using an Accuspike! This is an innovative training tool that accelerates skill mastery. Players are able to efficiently work on footwork, approach, and arm swing. Jump Higher, Hit Harder, and Train Smarter!

Thank you to Julio and Fernanda Reis from Digital Office Solutions for your awesome contribution!

Click above to see this awesome piece of equipment that we have at Plex!

8: We give you opportunities for Extra Training!

Many players get extra practices and ball touches at no charge. With prior coach approval, players can come early or stay late as they practice with teams of similar levels. Additionally, this is what we offer our National Elite teams:

  • SPECIALIZED POSITIONAL TRAINING: National Elite teams will have positional training. Learn tactics, mechanics, and get extra reps in their position. By becoming better at their positions, individuals make their teams more successful.
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE TRAINING: Last year, we provided Optimal Performance Training for National Elite. These players greatly improved their pro-agility speed, as well as their attack/block jump by as many as 8 inches. We will offer this service again this year.

9: You get to play other clubs in the area!

SC Midlands strongly collaborates with another club in the area. It is just a short drive for our teams to scrimmage, practice, and train with other like-minded clubs!

10: You get to play with a proven club!

SC Midlands takes pride in the fact that we do great things each year. We have helped to transform volleyball in the Midlands into a challenging, competitive, and successful endeavor! Click here to see what we offer. Click here to see our alumni. There are reasons that girls from different high schools and from different parts of the state (Lexington, Aiken, Augusta, Newberry, Charleston, Beaufort, Rockhill, Pickens, etc) participate in our club, and why many choose to drive to us each year. We invite you to become a future SC Midlands Great!

Congratulations Team USA Volleyball Women!

The World Champions in 2014!