Club Fees 2021-2022

SC Midlands believes in offering a top program at a reasonable price. We are committed to offering paid coaches (many have coached high school, middle school, and college), maintaining proper equipment, and practicing in Columbia's largest and most premiere volleyball training facility. Because we understand that playing club can be expensive, we offer payment plans. Additionally, consider the following when looking at our fees:

  • VALUE: At SC Midlands, your child will spend many hours in the gym with their coaches and teams learning and improving. The number of ball touches alone is priceless. A one hour private lesson could cost anywhere from $40 to $100 an hour. One three-day summer camp could cost $400. Considering this, club is the most cost effective way to get your child training in the sport over longer periods of time.

  • TOURNEY SCHEDULES: When looking at fees, consider the different tournament schedules. Our teams play very competitive single and multiple day tournaments that may include Qualifiers, AAU, and USA Junior Olympic Nationals. Our national teams train and play through June.

  • COACHING ACCREDITATION: At SC Midlands, all coaches are certified through USA Volleyball. Committed to providing the safest environment, USAV is the only program licensed to accredit volleyball coaches in the United States. Every coach on our staff is required to enroll and obtain certification training. Proper USAV certification is important for all who work with your children. Be sure to require this for all coaches who come in contact with your child.

  • INVESTMENT: You are investing in a long-term activity for your child. You are allowing him/her to pursue advancement in volleyball in a fun, safe, and structured environment. Our practice facility is an open, safe facility with a good, central location.

  • ADVANCEMENT: Many top players in the area play some or all of their entire club careers years at SC Midlands where they receive guidance, training, exposure, and advancement leading to some of the highest levels. SC Midlands is one of the best in state for providing training needed to play at the collegiate level.

  • PAYMENT PLANS: We have payment plans to assist all parents in involving their children in club. Notice that costs vary by program. The National Elite teams seeking qualification into USA Nationals are the highest teams in our club. There are other levels though geared towards different budgets, and geared towards players with different levels and goals. Regardless of level, we have payment plans to assist you in your child's investment into club.

Player tuition includes:

  • Coaching fees

  • Court time / facility rental

  • Team equipment fees

  • Regular season tournament fees

  • AAU membership where applicable

  • Coach Hotels

Player tuition does not include:

  • $15 tryout membership/$35 upgrade fee

  • Required uniforms, warm-ups, practice attire, & player equipment (about $500)

  • Tournament fees if your team attends extra tournaments

  • Travel expenses (transportation, hotel, meals)

Club Fees 2022

All tuition payments shall be paid thru League Apps

Important Note & Agreement Regarding Fees:

  • By joining SC Midlands Volleyball, you agree to pay your child’s portion of team fees. Payments are due at the beginning of the season upon accepting a spot on a team. We will accept payments in the full amount at this time. We do know, however, that paying such a large sum of money at one time may not always be feasible for everyone. Thus, as a courtesy for parents, we provide installment options.

  • Please be aware that if a player decides to leave the club prior to the end of the season, the parents of that player will still be responsible for the full amount for his or her child. A player quitting, or leaving the program does not decrease the fees for that team. We still need to pay the coaches, the court time, the tournament fees, etc. and that cost is budgeted based on full team rosters. We also cannot offer credit for players who are unable to attend specific tournaments or practices.

If you ever have a question about your account, e-mail your concern to Cynthia at