Practice Schedule

Practice Schedule 2018-2019

General Notes
  • This is our intended schedule, but please remain flexible in case of any changes.
  • Be sure to read the schedule carefully. For instance, 13 Black, 13 Red, and 13 White are different teams. 
  • Please see team rosters under "2019 Teams" to verify your team name. 
  • Practices vary by teams: (1) Kids Power Teams have 1 practice per week, (2) Region Teams have 2 practices per week, (3) Performance Elite Teams have 2 practices per week, and (4) National Elite Teams normally have 3 practices per week.
  • Email us at if you're on a team roster, but you are not receiving club emails.
  • Court 1 is closest to the back wall and Court 4 is closest to the Jumping Jacks Inflatables.
Calendar Notes
  • The schedule below will run thru Thursday April 11, 2019.
  • Winter Break will be from Thursday 12/20 to Tuesday 1/1. Practices will resume on Wednesday 1/2.  
  • NEW: No practice on Thursday 12/20. This is an update due to a blood drive at Plex on 12/20. 
  • Spring Break will be from Sunday 4/14 to Sunday 4/21. 
    Practices will resume on Monday 4/22.
  • Practice times for all National Elite Teams will be adjusted after the Spring Break in April.
Practices will begin on Monday December 3rd.

Practice Schedule 2019
Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4
Cardinal Newman2-4 PM2-4 PM2-4 PM
Boys 13 & 1414 National Black13 National
Cardinal Newman4-6 PM4-6 PM4-6 PM
15 NationalNational Plus Workouts14 National Red
Cardinal Newman6-8 PM6-8 PM6-8 PM
18 National17 National16 National
Plex2-3:30 PM2-3:30 PM2-3:30 PM2-3:30 PM
14 Red14 Black15 Black16 Black
Plex3:30-5 PM3:30-5 PM3:30-5 PM3:30-5 PM
KP White / KP Rising Starz13 Red13 White13 Black
Plex5-7 PM5-7 PM5-7 PM5-7 PM
12 Performance14 Performance R15 Performance18 Performance
Plex5:30-7 PM5:30-7 PM5:30-7 PM5:30-7 PM
14 Black15 Black16 BlackBoys
Plex7-9 PM7-9 PM7-9 PM7-9 PM
15 National16 National17 National18 National
Plex5:30-7 PM5:30-7:30 PM5:30-7:30 PM5:30-7 PM
15 Performance13 National16 PerformanceKP Black / KP Red
Plex7-9 PM7:30-9 PM7:30-9 PM7-9 PM
14 National Black14 Performance B18 Performance14 National Red
Plex5:30-7:00 PM5:30-7 PM5:30-7 PM5:30-7 PM
12 Performance13 Red13 White13 Black
Plex7-9 PM7-9 PM7-9 PM7-9 PM
14 National Black14 Performance B17 National18 National
Plex5:30-7 PM5:30-7:30 PM5:30-7 PM5:30-7 PM
14 Performance R13 National14 RedBoys
Plex7-9 PM7:30-9 PM7-9 PM7-9 PM
14 National Red16 Performance16 National15 National