Parent Testimonials

Midlands Volleyball Club has provided some of the best training experience that my daughters have ever received. We signed on with Midlands in 2010. At the time, one daughter was in the eleventh grade, and the other was in the eighth grade. They both were playing on their school teams. They had both played a number of seasons of club ball, and attended many camps and clinics.

The differences we experienced with Midlands Volleyball Club were phenomenal. The training and skill development was so thorough. The longer season allowed for outdoor training on grass and sand courts, complimenting an already extensive training experience.   I cannot imagine a better program. In addition to learning advanced volleyball competitive skills, they were coached on their team interactions. There was no drama at all. Their focus was on giving 100%, during every practice.

While playing in this opening Midl
ands Volleyball Club Season, my daughters were noticed and both received letters of interest from several colleges. We are looking forward to the next season with Midlands Volleyball Club. I am very grateful.

A Volleyball Dad,
Buck Mooneyhan
Lexington, SC

It’s AMAZING – worthy of the time, money, and sacrifices to see how Stretch started out as a tall lanky young lady, not too comfortable in her own skin but through the years at SC Juniors (now SC Midlands), she began to show a great deal of progress and maturity. Don’t get me wrong, Kaona had a lot of growing up to do. I, however, thank God for allowing us to utilize SC Juniors and Plex as an outlet for Stretch to come into her own. Look at my baby now! She is a remarkable young lady as well as a “Division One” volleyball player!

PS. On behalf of all parents, I would like to personally thank the volleyball staff at SC Juniors for being parents as well as coaches to our young ladies. Thank you all!


Spalvera M. Mercer

Mom of Kaona Mercer
18 National Team