Next Steps

Please read this page carefully and follow ALL instructions 
Take care of the following items once you accept your spot on a team

TIME-SENSITIVE NEXT STEPS: Upon acceptance, all members are REQUIRED to 
complete the Next Steps below!

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Step 1: Make your first payment

First payments are due when you commit.  Returning parents know this, but first payments are CRITICAL fous to get into tournaments.   Thus, please take care of this as soon as you commit, but no later than November 15th.  IMPORTANT: Always obtain a receipt and keep it for your records. You may also ask Plex to email you an electronic copy. You may also pay in person at Plex, or over the phone by calling 803-360-7300.  To see payment breakdowns, click here.  

URGENT: We MUST have a financial commitment from everyone for you to begin at SC Midlands.  If you will have an issue making the ENTIRE first payment, email Cynthia ASAP.  Uniforms also need to be paid for and ordered online.

Step 2: Verify USAV Membership  (and/or Update Club Status to SC Midlands)

All members must be registered under USAV, and you must have made a financial commitment to SC Midlands.  This will allow us to pay your USAV fee, and it will allow us to add you to our official rosters.  
  • Click here if you need instructions on how to register for the first time.  
  • Click 
    here if you are already a member needing to
    change your club status to "SC Midlands".  

Step 3: Attend Mandatory Uniform Sizing (IMPORTANT) 

Last year, we ordered new jerseys.  All players that did not play with us last year MUST get sized.  Our jerseys have a very distinct fit be sure to attend one of the sizing sessions below.  National teams will have 1/4 zip pullovers this year (to replace our old warm-ups).  National players must also order NEW pants. 

Spandex, and practice t-shirts will be the same. Bags and NEW warm-ups are required for National teams, but optional for others.  Again, pick one of these dates to come in and get sized:
      • Sunday Nov 20th                Cardinal Newman     (5-7:30 PM)
      • Monday Nov 21st               Plex Sandhills           (6-8 PM)
      • Tuesday Nov 22nd             Plex Sandhills           (6-8 PM)
Boys: DO NOT need to come in for sizing, but you will have NEW uniforms this year and order through our online store.

Step 4: Order Uniforms Online                  Only a FEW days to order!

Once you come in for sizing, all uniforms will be ordered through our online store.  We will send an email when the store link goes live.  You will then have three days to order.  We will have STRICT deadlines for all orders.  IMPORTANT: Have funds readily available to pay for uniforms.
  • Online Store:Opening Date (Mon Nov 21)
  • Online Store: Closing Date  (Fri Nov 25)

   An email will be sent once the link goes live

Step 5: Take the ANNUAL official clinics.  Deadline is November 30th.

All players, coaches, and volunteer parents are required to take official clinics each year. Retake what you were certified for last year.  You can take the abbreviated version at a fraction of the normal testing time. You can take a quiz at the front end of the clinic.  If you pass, you can skip that section. 

Step 6: Check website in late November for the practice schedule TBA

We plan to release the practice schedule on or before November 26th.  We'll get it done as soon as we can, and then practices will begin on Sunday  December 4th.