Multiple Club Tryouts Region Requirements

If you and your family are sure that you want to play exclusively for SC Midlands Volleyball Club, then we welcome your dedication and commitment.   If you are "Undecided" and plan to attend multiple club tryouts, register for USA Volleyball, but then choose "Undecided" in the club field.
  • If you plan to tryout with multiple clubs, you are REQUIRED to notify each club director via email of all clubs you are trying out with.   Failure to do so may result in sanctions affecting tournament participation once the season begins.
  • Once the player/family commits to a specific club, you need to immediately (within 12 hrs) notify the other club(s), in writing.
  • If you are an "Undecided" player and you accept a position on one of our teams, you will need to log back in to your USAV account  and select "SC Midlands."
  • Once a player commits to a club, he or she is committed to that club for the ENTIRE season and cannot attend tryouts, nor play for another club until July of the following year. 

Multiple club tryouts FAQ's

RECRUITING REGULATIONS:  Once a player commits to a club, other club directors, coaches, and parents are prohibited from contacting that player for the ENTIRE USAV season (ending in July 2013).  All recruiting violations should be reported to the Palmetto Region.