Multiple Club Tryouts

2017 Tryout Policy

The new Tryout Policy was implemented to reduce the stress on all involved. Parents and players are encouraged to do your research in advance on the clubs you plan to tryout with and narrow your decision down to 2-3 clubs.

“Open Tryout Period” is defined as the block of days that players may tryout with no expectations of having to make a commitment to a team/club, nor can a team/club require a commitment from a player. During this period, teams/clubs may extend offers to players. An offer must be dated and in writing, via verifiable electronic (e.g. email) or non-electronic means. Once made, those offers may not be rescinded by the club until the end of the “Open Tryout Period “or until said player has communicated a decline of offer to the club.
  • An offer must be dated and in writing, via verifiable electronic (e.g. email) or non-electronic means.
  • If an offer is made, that player’s spot on the team is guaranteed only until the end of the “Open Tryout Period” or until he/she formally accepts an offer from another team/club.  If the Club offers tryouts after the deadlines below these rules do not apply.  If a player does not provide response to clubs before the deadline dates below, the club is not required to hold spot and these rules will not apply.
  • A player or the player’s parent may accept an offered position prior to the expiration of “Open Tryout Period” if they choose.  They may not accept prior to opening date of tryouts.  Acceptance must be in writing. If player was offered a position by more than one club, you must notify the non accepted clubs within 12 hrs of your decision.  If player is registered in USAV Webpoint as “undecided”, must change your club from undecided to the club you accepted offer.
  • Players who decide prior to deadline below needs to notify all clubs you participated in tryouts within 12 hrs.
  • Clubs who extend a greater number of offers than there are open positions on a team, and subsequently indicating that those limited number of open positions will be filled on a first- come-first-serve basis, is not in the spirit of this rule and is therefore a violation.
  • Upon conclusion of the “Open Tryout Period”, offers and commitments may take place with no expectation of a grace period or requirements of rules above.
  • Clubs who are found to be in violation may be subject to fines and/or sanction.