Jeff Meagley

Coach Jeff Meagley 

Jeff Meagley will be serving as a National Elite team coach this year.  His experience involves 23 years of playing and coaching for the United States Marine Corps, as well as playing indoor and outdoor men's and co-ed at the A,AA, and Open levels.  Jeff has played international indoor and outdoor volleyball in Japan, Korea and Sicily.  He was selected to the All Marine team nine times, and has played all positions.  Coaching experience involves coaching base teams at Cherry Point, NC and Beaufort, SC.  He served as the head coach with our 16's team two years ago, and has assisted with Elite team training at all levels since his initial involvement with the club.  Jeff has been IMPACT certified, CAP certified, PCA certified, and has attended clinics at the high school level.   Jeff has also coached a the high school level.