Required Drop In Session Tuesday 11/23 & Other Updates

posted Nov 21, 2010, 5:30 PM by Cynthia Dimapan   [ updated Nov 21, 2010, 5:57 PM ]
DROP IN SESSION: We started asking some of you to come in to do uniform sizing, first tuition installments, and complete some paperwork, and a majority of you have already done this.  If you have not had a chance to come in yet, please be sure to come in to Plex this Tuesday Nov 23rd between 6 & 7 PM. You should be prepared to make your first payment in full as well pay for your uniforms in full as well.  You can anticipate being at Plex for 30-45 minutes to get everything done, and although players are being sized for uniforms, actual pick up will not be until the end of December or beginning of January.  Exact information regarding the amounts for tuition payments can be found on the Club Fees link on our website.  Additionally, uniform pricing for Elite, Performance, and Regional Teams will be between $190-$300, and about $70 for Kids Power.  Our orders will go out this week, so you definitely NEED to come in to take care of these items Tuesday.  Now, we do realize that this is a big chunk of money at one time, but being that we want EVERYONE to play club, we are willing to work with people for these initial payments (we know that it is a large amount) so that EVERYONE can play.  Please e-mail us with any special circumstances or requests, but also please understand that we do need a large portion of your initial payments (first tuition installment, and uniform fees) so that we can place your uniform orders, pay for team’s tournaments, your USAV fees, etc.  Our biggest expenses are paid out in November and December.

WARM-UPS AND BAGS:  If you want to add anything to your order such as a warm-up jacket, warm-up pants, of a bag.  Please come in on Tuesday as well.  Although this is part of the required Elite package, all others are welcome to order these as optional items well. 

PRACTICES:  We will be off during this holiday week, and practices will begin in December.  We plan that complete practice schedules and team rosters will be posted on our website by Sunday November 28th.

REQUIRED USAV REGISTRATION: Please go to the following link to register, or check your registration for USAV (  IMPORTANT: The club pays for your USAV registration so please DO NOT pay this online. Simply register.  If you are just now registering, be sure to select “SC Midlands” as your club.  If you originally registered as “Undecided,” you MUST now go back and select “SC Midlands” as your club.  All players should be registered by Tuesday November 23rd.

E-MAILS:  Our system is now updated and if you had not been receiving e-mails previously, you should now begin receiving all e-mails.  If you know anyone who is still not on our list, or if you simply want to add additional e-mails, please send a request entitled “Please Add” to  Thank you for your patience during this process.  Although we tried to post all pertinent information on the web, we do realize that not everyone had been receiving e-mails previously.

Thank you for reading through all this very important information.  We are anticipating a great year and a great club experience for all!  Please e-mail us if you have any questions.