Club Programs Defined

Thank you for your interest in our programs!  South Carolina Midlands Volleyball offers a wide range of programs throughout the year.  We invite you to learn about each of these training options.  You will find a list of programs below.

Summer Camps
June, July, and August
Various summer camps are offered yearly in the months of June, July, and August.  Camps are available for beginning players, as well as for middle school and high school athletes looking to make strides as they prepare for their school seasons.

Fall Premiere Clinics and Youth League
August, September
This is a new program that runs from September to October.  The goal is to provide a training option for grades 1-8, while also providing skill-specific and advanced instruction for grades 8-12.

Fall Pre-Tryout Clinics
October, November
These clinics are in October and early November.  They provide exposure to our club, and help athletes prepare for tryouts.

SC Midlands AAU National Championship 

Club Tryouts
October, November
The regular club season begins with tryouts in late October.  In this first set of tryouts, grades 1st thru 8th tryout, and are placed on teams.  During the first week of November, tryouts for 9th thru 12th grade begin.  Offers are made and players are placed on teams.

Regular Club Season
December to March/April
Teams start practicing in December and the season runs through March/April.  National Elite teams in our club have an Extended Season through June/July.  Here are the levels of teams that we offer.

    Girls Teams
        National Elite Teams
        Performance Elite Teams
        Regional State Teams
        Kids Power Teams

    Boys Teams
        Regional State Teams
        Kids Power Teams

Academy Program
April to June
This program runs for about 8 weeks from about mid-April through mid-June.  Players participate in skill training, position training, games, and league play.