Volleyball Academy 2017

SC Midlands Volleyball Training Academy 2017
Registration now OPEN!  All girls and boys are invited!

The SC Midlands Volleyball Academy is a program designed to introduce the youngest players to the sport, while taking more experienced players to the next level.  This year our Academy will offer Volley Kidz, Middle School Prep, and High School Prep programs.  Parents, don't miss this awesome opportunity. Give your children the advantage for middle school or high school volleyball, while increasing skills for next season. The more players practice and play, the better they get!  Research indicates that children who are involved in sports typically have higher self-esteem, develop cooperation, and often make better life choices. 

Our 2017 Academy is OPEN to all! If you did not play club this year, or if you are already an SC Midlands member, you can simply sign up.
Be sure to tell your friends, and even sign up for the same team or sessions! 

Join us! We're accepting NEW registrations & will update names as you register!   Players from other clubs are welcome, but you must obtain an email release from your director.  Feel free to email info@scmidlandsvolleyball.com with any questions.  

 For top players, are YOU interested in traveling to AAU Nationals? 
High School & Middle School Academy
Dates: April 25th - June 8th
Practice Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays
Time: 5:30-7:00 PM
Location: Plex HiWire Sandhills
Play Dates: TBA
Grades 6th thru 12th Grade
Cost: $265

**Practice schedule could be modified for some after the 1st week.

Team Legacy, Team Extreme, 
Team Fusion
Allison Troyer
Amanda McHale
Amber Walker
Amelia Ghandi
Amelia Stensland
Anna Gillens
Ava Reeves
Ayden Stevens
Carolina Reyes
Caroline Barnes
Charli Morris
Christina Atkinson
Claudia Faith Zajicek
Claxi Caswell
Damia Lewis
Daniell Raynor
Darby Mihelich
Ellie Thomas
Emani Harley
Emi Crout
Emily Webster
Erica Faile
Gabryele Hollis
Hannah Kelley
Jasmine Kirkland
Jenelda Aristhil
Jordan Lewis
Kaitlyn Hardy
Karlese Sears
Katherine Wright
Kathryn Gould
Katiya Daniels
Kellee Craig
Kenya Butler
Keyani Turner
Keyonna Morgan
Kiana White
Krista Edwards
Lane Coleman
Lauren Frierson
Lauren Galloway
Lauren Jacobs
Lily Joseph
Logan Galloway
Loise Aleria
Madison McNeil
Meg Montgomery
Mia Burgess
Michaela Meggie
Morgan Craft
Ryan Hoback
Sara Beth McCaskill
Sequioa Timmons
Susana Stevens
Syndi Moore
Taylor Hisaw
Trinity Davis
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Open Spot
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Volley Kidz Elementary Academy
Dates: May 1st thru June 8th
Days of Week: Mondays or Thursdays
Time: 5:40-7:00 PM
Location: Plex HiWire Sandhills
Grades: 1st thru 6th
Cost: $80 ($150 for twice weekly)

Team Acers, Team Blaze
Allison McNeil (Th)

Skyler Taylor (Th)

Sophy Shibu (Th)

Vivian LeBron (M)

Clarissa LeBron (M)

Elise Jones (M, Th)

Lila Grae Smith (M)
Aleyse Small (M,Th)
Molly Sherman (Th)
Paige Smyser (M, Th)
Hailey Brown (M)
Ameena Matthews (M,Th)
Jolie Wells (M, Th)
Jada Amaker (M, Th)
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Open Spot
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Open Spot
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